Saturday, 2 January 2010

2nd January 2010 - Rich Chocolate Cake & Date n Walnut Cake

The last three times I have come home, I have made cake to take back. This time was no different. We made two cakes - one I like to call G√Ęteau aux trois chocolats (Three Chocolate Cake) and Date and Walnut Cake.

How did it look?
Both the cakes ended up looking pretty similar, the brown-black colour due to the chocolate in the first cake was imparted by the dates in the second cake, so I am just putting up one pic. In the chocolate cake, I added cocoa powder, Bournvita and a drinking chocolate mixture I had gotten from Germany.

A posteriori
My mom had the idea of pouring some cream and butterscotch syrup on a few cake pieces to make a nice desert. It turned out sufficiently soft and fluffy. Neeta Mehta's recipes rock!