Thursday, 15 July 2010

14th July 2010 - Lunch - Chana Masala

Since the last post, I had been either in the US or Toronto, surviving on fast/expensive food and it it had gotten on my nerves. Finally, when I reached London on Monday, my first sentiment was that I would be able to cook again and eat something that was not, fundamentally, stuff kept between two pieces of bread.

As this summer in Canada nears an end, I am wrapping up my cooking here, trying to finish things that have been lying since a while now, and the packet of kaale chane had long been trying to catch my attention.

How did it look?
A posteriori
  • I added delta tomato, that wasn't part of the original plan, but the result turned out quite well, so I am not complaining
  • A bit of that Chhole Masaala I had also gave it a nice flavour, and there was lemon juice on top for the twang
  • Another first timer that yielded a satisfactory result