Saturday, 12 December 2009

12th December 2009 - Lunch @ Claire's

Wow, it's been 5 whole months since I posted on this blog! It's like this one huge pang of nostalgia...

Anyhow, I wanted to make at least some stuff in December, and Claire and I decided to do it this weekend. We went yesterday to DMart and did some shopping, and had lots of plans for today!

What I finally did end up making was Egg Curry (Dim-er jhol :P), Chapati and Gajar Ka Halwa. The Egg Curry was intended to be pretty bland so that Claire could have it sans prolèmes.

While I was zealously grating carrots, Claire helped chop all the stuff we needed, and was very enthusiastic about kneading dough too. She also volunteered to roll her first chapati, which, with its striking resemblance to the French map, was a display of her patriotism.

How did it look?

Again, the orange carrots
Claire making her first Roti

Halwa, ready. Somehow, I can never get the GkH feel unless it is red :(
Egg Curry
All, on the table, seconds before being devoured

A posteriori
So, more or less, it was great going back to the books! The Halwa turned out to be really satisfactorily and Claire enjoyed it too. The egg curry left a lot for the wanting, though. My attempt to make it bland ended up making it sorta lame. I over-zealously used the tomato purée, making it sour with nothing to complement the taste. I had made quite a lot, and had pinged CP, Baheti, Anasuya, Kovid and Kaustubh about this, so took some Halwa for them. Anasuya very graciously offered to take the rest of the Egg Curry, while Pragya got some Halwaa, and barring CP, who was busy somewhere down South and so missed out on the whole affair, the rest (including Anand, who got some) were generous in their praise, making me a bunch of smiles.

Next weekend, I am planning to make Raajma and a cake. Claire is also thinking of making Crumble, which is basically a sort of baked fruit pudding.

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  1. :) yea GkH looks most sumptuous when red with gratings of khoya on it :)
    egg curry reminded me of home :) thanks a million :)

  2. Good work. WIll have to ask Claire to put up her comments. Chapati not bad for first timer :). Next time it will be some other country dont worry.

  3. This looks good. The Egg Curry, inspite of everything you say, looks good :P And Claire ki roti =)) I started out with rounder rotis you know. But then, I'd had years of conditioning. And agli baar you offer me halwa X-(

  4. Looks yummy..i missed thm :(

  5. Hey, thanks everyone!

    @Anasuya - There is enough Khoya/Equivalent in here! That's a quarter liter of milk and one whole can of Milkmaid!

  6. one whole milkmaid can! i used to finish a can of milkmaid by myself at home if i found it in the fridge :D

  7. I love doing that myself, but it is too costly.

  8. ghar pe free hota hai :) sab kuch! :P phone calls se leke khaana :D

  9. Milkmaid......yummmmmmmmmm.....
    looks good whatver u may say 'bout it.....
    cant wait for the cake though!!!! (pls pls save some for me and my insatiable sweet tooth) :D

  10. YOU must be banned from uploading photos of such scrumplicious stuff when there are poor souls stuck in hostels and PGs. Grrr ... :P

    LMAO @ GkH

  11. When I cook for french people, I simply add half the amount of spices that I would normally add for an indian. That way, we get all the colors and flavours, just a little lighter.

  12. @Jil Jil Amma

    Yeah, yeah who's staying right at Marine Drive for one whole month?

    Yeah, I just screwed up! No defence!

  13. @Archit
    You want the cake to walk into your room, eh?