Saturday, 17 December 2011

Spaghetti all'aglio e olio con spinaci

Aglio is Italian for garlic, olio is oil and you get no points for guessing what spinaci is. Aglio e olio is a traditional Italian pasta dressing, its USP being that it doesn't need expensive ingredients such as bell peppers which cost ¥200 a piece (~INR 130). I had this two weeks ago at ITC Maratha and it tasted fairly interesting, so I decided to make it, and tossed some spinach in there too.

How did it look?
A posteriori
Somehow, whenever I make pasta, the sauce falls short. The same happened this time too, so I had to toss some more garlics and spinach separately and add it to the mix. It became better then. And some parsley on top. Also, I didn't throw all the pasta water away, thinking it would help the whole thing mix, but it still was enough to make it all wet. Lesson learnt.


  1. Spinach shrinks really badly when heated. You could dilute it with water and make a paste out of it. That might give you more sauce but not sure how it will taste.

  2. That's right. But in this case, my intention was not to make a paste the way we make for Paalak Paneer. I just wanted it to be there with the garlic. But yeah, it wilts a lot.

  3. Spinach is a rip-off :-| I'm sad it costs so much for what it reduces to.

    And glasses, sax :D

  4. The first time I ate it was at a place called "Under the Mango Tree" in Bangalore and it was an instant favorite although, it wasn't cooked with spaghetti. When I tried this at various other places, it did not match the taste of Under the Mango Tree's preparation... Nice to see spinach added to it,if I were to eat it,my conscience would prick me less :P