Friday, 25 June 2010

25th June 2010 - Breakfast - Upama

Was another one of dishes I had screwed up last year, and avenged them in the second try. I have Rawa/Suji from back home, so Upama with some vegetables was a neat idea.

How did it look?
A posteriori
  • Although I was aware that you need to add a lot of water while making it, I was simply not prepared for the way it kept on absorbing all the water that I poured into it. It really swells up, this stuff. When I thought it was over, I tasted it, and it felt very uncooked - it was after another half a litre of water and 15 minutes that I finally got what I wanted.


  1. Yea. Things that shrivel up when you boil : Mushrooms. And things that just keep swelling no matter how much water you add : Suji.

    Looks decent though :)

  2. uncooked why? my way is too preheat suji till its brown(even before chimakana).After that normal chimkan. This could solve ur prob And u dont need to add half a litre water :) 1 or 2 bowls r enough (can add curd also)

  3. Seriously... mouth watering....... :)

  4. A small tip- try adding mustard seasoning and roasting the semolina in the seasoning to get rid of the raw smell and as they put it in marathi- to make it "khamang"... It dramatically changes the taste(I'm not sure if you like it but a pinch of asafetida with spluttering mustard is orgasmic!!) But none of this is gonna reduce the water consumption-same is the case with sooji ka halwa or sheera...

  5. The amount of water consumption depends on the kind of rava. Statistical average is roughly two times the amount of rava added(say x). The range of water consumption varies from x(chiroti rava) to 3x (non-regular bansi rava).