Friday, 18 June 2010

17th June 2010 - Dinner - Paav Bhaaji

This year, apart from making routine stuff, I have decided I would avenge all those dishes that got screwed up last year. Uptil now, noodles, fried rice, kofta sort of stuff have come out pretty well, and next in line was Paav Bhaaji. When I had tried to make Paav Bhaaji here and here, the result had been pretty disappointing. In both cases I had added cabbage, a most terrible mistake, worsened by the fact that I had used red cabbage. On top of all this, the masaala I had purchased was of some random company, and that clearly showed.

However, this time, none of this was to be. I stuck to potatoes, carrots, peas and carrots, and had Everest Paav Bhaaji masala.

How did it look?
A posteriori
  • At home, we make it in a slightly different way. Tomatoes are boiled with the rest of the vegetables and blend in. But, since I use minced tomatoes here and because I wanted the restaurant sort of red look, I skipped boiling them and rather used onions and tomatoes to make the gravy in which the boiled, mashed vegetables were mixed. If you have ever seen the guy at Gulmohar cafeteria make paav bhaji, his approach is similar - mashed vegetables are kept separately, and as per the order, he takes some tomato gravy on his big black pan (for lack of a better name) and mixes them.
  • At the end, liberal quantities of lemon juice and butter, along with some cilantro of course.


  1. SO practice makes Antariksh a better cook :). But you should have put photo of pav, bhaji, onion rings to make it look more authentic.

  2. Onion rings ++
    Big black pan : Tawa or Skillet(:D) ?

    Looks amazing though.

  3. Neither.

    One of those big ones that they use to make pan-fried vegetable in shaadis.

  4. I agree with kaku.. The butter-glazed golden paav,the onion rings with the bhaaji would have looked luscious :)