Friday, 18 June 2010

11th June 2010 - Lunch - Gaajar ka Halwa

Plain and simple. Gajar ka Halwa, something that was long overdue this summer. We didn't have a grater earlier, but then it was available for like $3.5 so I thought we might as well purchase it. It was useful though. I also use it for grating onions, whenever I want to make a gravy in which onion paste is needed. Short of a mixer/grinder, this gives reasonable results.

How did it look?

A posteriori
  • No condensed milk this time, just simple 2% milk.
  • In tune with my general technique, I did the preliminary cooking in the µWave and then proceeded with adding milk gradually.


  1. The colour is amazingly fresh and enticing.

  2. First of all- kudos to make it look so tempting.. This one has made me weak in the knees ;D Secondly - Good that you did not use condensed milk as it makes it unnecessarily fattening and overly sweet.. Nice to see the inherent sweetness and color of the vegetable intact :)