Sunday, 12 July 2009

7th July 2009 - Dinner - Paav Bhaaji

I decided to make Paav Bhaaji once more, but I purchased red cabbage instead of the normal one, so it looked quite gruesome, truth be told.

How did it look?
This one wasn't one of those dishes I am proud of. It smelled quite horrible and didn't look very great either.


  1. cabbage in pav bhaji thats y u spoilled

    add only potatoes and cauliflower...and some peas n carrots if u have...and obviously tomatoes n onions....
    add shimla mirch if u find cheap....

    smash everything...urs doesnt look like samshed....

    add tons of pav bahji masala and butter to give the taste...add other spices(salt,amchoor,lal mirch) as per ur taste desire

  2. P.S. sources:- personal experience [:)].i cook very good pav bhaji..proper taste ...