Tuesday, 2 June 2009

2nd June 2009 - Dinner - Paav Bhaji

I still have some of the 3kg cabbage left over, and I had carrots from the Gajar Halwa time, so I thought it was time to give a try to Paav Bhaaji.

How did it look?

  • I didn't have Paav Bhaji masala (purchased it later), so although the thing tasted nice, it didn't taste like the Paav Bhaji we are used to eating back in India.
  • I did add a generous amount of butter while cooking it, and also loads of cheese, finally topping it up with more butter, so, all in all, it worked well. Also, Pepper and Oregano, as always.
  • I bought some Paav-like bread, but it turned out to be sweet, so we had to do with midly toasted American Sandwich Bread.

1 comment:

  1. oregano & cheese in pav bhaji..an italian version of our desi dish! must b yummy!