Friday, 5 June 2009

4th June 2009 - Dinner - Cabbage Fry

I must confess. This was supposed to be Patta-Gobhi kofta. But in an attempt to finally finish that mammoth cabbage, I chopped whatever remained and dunked it in. However, I wanted to be conservative in my Besan and Oil usage, which basically meant that there wasn't enough Besan to wrap the Kofta completely, nor enough oil to fry it well. After several exasperated tries and refusing to waste more oil and besan in this fruitless exercise, I just decided to fry whatever patta-gobhi-besan mixture I had, in the hope that it would be eatable.

How did it look?

Deceptively good.

What went wrong?
  • My kanjoosi in putting ingredients took its toll. What resulted was a vile smelling dish (half-cooked patta gobhi smells like it's rotting), which made me gag when I tried to eat it. After downing whatever amount I could, I had to throw the leftover, something I had never thought I would do to self-cooked food.
  • Well, I am going to come back to this dish again, and this time I will own it. ;)

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  1. The problems seem to be multi fold. First patta gobhi has to be chopped very fine. Second binder in the form of besan should be sufficient and third u have to use sufficient quantity of oil for deep frying. U miss one and the result is disastrous. Better luck next time.