Tuesday, 16 June 2009

16th June 2009 - Dinner - Egg Curry

Egg Curry. Simple! I like it a lot; it's filling, and tasty. And I still had some of the tomato puree I had got for Raajma, so I put it to good use here.

How did it look?

  • This dish works best with onion paste instead of chopped onions (coutesy my mother!) but I didn't have a grinder here, so I just chopped it as finely as I could, cooked them well, added more water than I needed and then let it boil away to pulp.
  • The tomato puree really gives a very rich flavour, almost impossible with simple tomatoes.
  • At the end, I added the halved eggs and switched the burner off, letting them slowly absorb the gravy.
  • Also put in some butter, cheese, oregano and pepper for the taste and smell.

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