Saturday, 27 June 2009

27th June 2009 - Lunch - Aloo Paraathey

For our weekend trip to Salzburg, we wanted to carry something filling but easily portable, so we decided to give Aloo Paraathey a try. They turned out pretty well.
My mother had told me too recipes for this. In one, you mix the mashed potatoes with flour and cook the whole thing, and in the other you stuff the potatoes later. I went for the first recipe as it's rather convenient.

How did it look?
I was quite apprehensive about this and hence hadn't given it a try uptil now, but my fears were quite ungrounded. :)
  • I realized that I had again gone conservative in adding salt, so we made good use of the pickle I had brought from India.
  • The dough was slightly wetter than needed, so we had to apply lots of flour when rolling it. We could probably improve on that.

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