Wednesday, 17 June 2009

17th June 2009 - Dinner - Fusilli with assorted peppers blended in Tomato and Onion gravy

Ever since I had screwed up the noodles last month, I was determined to make ammends. So, here I was, sailing into uncharted waters, going where I had never gone before. This was one of those times when I had no recipe, and was working merely on intuition. I had eaten this is Berlin last weekend and remembered the taste, so I was sort of reverse engineering the thing. Luckily, it turned out pretty satisfactorily. The only glitch was that, being over cautious, I added less pasta, so I toasted some bread to eat along with it.

I decided to go for the red gravy rather than the white one (I had seen a few recipes in which you would blend it with floor and then bake it, but that is too bland for my taste).

How did it look?

  • Tomato Puree is the best for getting a rich gravy, but it makes the whole thing very silky smooth. I always prefer to have some munchy bits in the gravy, so I chopped onions a bit coarsely and also added in half a tomato, bluntly cut. When boiled for some time, the whole thing blended quite well, and I got gravy that was thick but not like sauce.
  • I wanted the red pepper to impart its flavour well, so I took care not to overpower the subtle flavours by our Indian masaale. So, added just a little bit of chilly powder.
  • I realized a bit of garlic would have been good, but that was when the thing was almost ready, so I sprinkled in some garlic powder.
  • Of course, at the end, a few drops of fresh lemon juice and some cheese and butter were in order. Finally, added some garlic butter (that thing tastes awesome) and let it melt its way in. Topping it all up with Oregano and pepper. Thyme is highly recommended for such dishes, but I had it not, so I had to do with our good old oregano.

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  1. Vow. Changed gears. Good task. But try in white sauce also.