Tuesday, 9 June 2009

8th June 2009 - Dinner - Sambhaar

I had purchased Sambhaar Masaala from the Asian shop, and was itching to use it, so decided to make Sambhaar-Rice today. Had potatoes, onions, tomatoes and French beans, and of course, the Magic Masala!

For a change, we cooked Basmati rice that Vaibhav had got from India.

How did it look?
Like regular Daal Fry, except it smelled and tasted like Sambhar, which meant the Masala was worth the 1.2 euros I paid for the 100 gram pack.

  • All in all, it turned out satisfactorily. I could have added Brinjals if the future of the world depended on it, but in all other circumstances, I am happier without it.
  • It still was thicker than normal, probably because I added more daal, but since we focus on taking in as much food as possible, we don't care about that.
  • I have realized that the masaala is all about the smell. The fragrance of the spices is fundamental to Indian cuisine, and since smell plays a very important role in what the brain interpretes as taste (which explains why food tastes very bland when you have a cold), even a pinch of masaala does wonders.
Up for today's dinner is Raajma!


  1. good you realised the imp. of indian masale
    ur pav bhaji must have tasted like sabzi without it
    nice blog....how do u manage to cook roti..preparing the dough is a big challenge...
    he i get frozen parantha which i just have to reheat...
    btw i am also cooking
    i have cooked

    1)pav bhaji
    3)dal makhani
    4)dal normal
    6)patta gobhi
    7)fool gobhi
    9)bhel puri

    all sorts of bread items n maggi

  2. and 14)chhole

    and i am a bit lazy in cooking[:)] coz i cook alone

    i cook less but cook really nice...
    thanx to mummy's recepies


  3. Hey

    Nice to see you are a cooking-enthusiast too.

    Yeah, I mentioned in the Paav-Bhaaji entry that the thing taste like an ordinary sabji.

    But now I am armed with Paav Bhaaji masaala too!