Wednesday, 27 May 2009

27th May 2009 - Dinner - Gajar ka Halwa, Aloo Gravy & Paraathe

In order to celebrate my return to cooking, and the Champions League final, and the fact that it is 27th May, I decided to go for a slightly more ambitious menu. I had wanted to make Gajar ka Halwa since many days, so I went ahead and purchased carrots (die Karotten) and condensed milk (Kondensmilch). 

I decided to make Gajar ka Halwa, Potatoes with a richer gravy (which meant that I added onions, tomatoes and a small piece of carrot while cooking) and Parathe. 

I have special associations with Gajar ka Halwa, since it was the first one I cooked myself (not counting Chaai and Maggi), back when I was in Class VII. Also, this is the only dish I have made for guests.

How did it look?

There you go:

Fresh carrots! Notice the distinct orange colour vis-à-vis the red ones we get in India

All grated and ready to cook

The finished product

Aloo gravy

  • I erred on the side of caution when adding milk to the Halwa, due to which a lot of milk was left even after cooking it. As a result, I had to boil the whole thing for a long time to reduce the milk, but this excessive boiling made the carrots slightly soggy. Also, the initial plan to add condensed milk later got trashed.
  • Got slightly over zealous while adding sugar. A little less would have sufficed.
  • Made sure that the mistakes of yesterday's Parathey were not repeated. So, all in all, the Parathey turned out really well.
  • Sabji turned out pretty well. I wanted a rich flavour with thicker gravy, so I added onions and tomatoes too (the bare-bones version uses only potatoes). Also, added, apart from the standard Haldi-Mirch and Hing, some lahsun ki chatni, pepper, oregano and chopped green chillies for the fresh and hot flavour. The only problem was that I added a bit too much water, so had to boil this one too, due to which the potatoes got sort of mashed up, but it tasted nice at the end, so I wasn't complaining!

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  1. This GaaJar Halwa reminded me of the first time when you cooked it on our own using the new microwave, way back when you were in class VII. You have come a long way. So feel more and more dishes are in order. Good work done. Particularly cooking abroad is not joke as the ingredients are big problem. You need some thing but land up in buying some thing else. KEEP IT UP.