Thursday, 20 May 2010

19th May 2010 - Dinner - Chhole

It's been around 17 days that I am here, and I thought it was high time I made chhole. My mom's recipe (using which we get chhole less spicy but tastier than the Punjabi chhole type dish) has never failed her, nor did it disappoint me last year, so I set about making it with the same gusto.

How did it look?
A posteriori
  • This time, I had also gotten tamarind (imli) for home. I soaked it in water in the morning and added some of that tamarind water in the dish. Gives it a nice sour flavour.
  • The rest of the stuff was pretty copy-book style, though I could have added some more water at the end.
  • It does help to mash some of the chhole so that it slightly thickens the gravy and makes it, erm, substantial.


  1. Try boiling some potatoes with the chhole, mashing well but not very fine, and then adding them together with the chhole. That makes the gravy substantial too, and potatoes are always delicious!

  2. Thanks, but that was indeed part of the recipe :P


  3. Then why was the gravy not substantial? XD
    Oh and, what do you make the gravy with?

    P.S: Technically yeah. You've talked to me once.
    I am Susmit's sister! :P *emerges from shadows*
    I love to cook, so I sneak around your blog a lot. It's really interesting to see amateur experiments with cooking! :)

  4. Because in yesterday's haste, I forgot to add the potatoes earlier. So, I µWaved them separately, but then, while skinning them, Sangram forgot 2 of them, so we were left with very few potatoes.