Friday, 14 May 2010

13th May 2010 - Lunch - Pulaao

We wanted to whip something up for lunch without too much hard work, so something with rice seemed to fit well. So, I went for this Pulaao thing in which you take all the vegetables you want, sauté them just a little bit, add whatever spices you want and then add rice and water and cook it like normal rice.

How did it look?

A posteriori
  • Looks like I am still getting my salt estimate wrong when I cook for 4 people. I almost always get conservative and then have to add more later. But stuff added later doesn't always mix well, so, I guess I just have to be slightly more daring with the salt.
  • I love this recipe, generally. Luckily, it did not disappoint. We put in lots of stuff actually, the pack of mixed veg. that has featured in many of the previous posts finally got finished with this one. Also, we had a can of carrots, so some of that also went in.
  • A bit of whole pepper is what we often put at home, but I had it not, so well, we did without it.


  1. Buy whole pepper na. It's so useful :)

  2. Lemme help.
    When you add the rice and water, stir it well and taste it! The water should be a bit saltier than you actually need. If it isn't, add a bit of salt and taste again. If you try it once or twice, you'll figure out how much of extra salt is needed! That's what I always try, and it does work :)

  3. @Shadow

    That's pretty useful. I will try it and get back.


  4. Well, you don't have to add salt while the rice is getting cooked. In this case,you can add the salt even at last,say 5 min before you turn off the flame. As far as being stingy in adding salt is concerned,it is a good habit as excessive salt cannot be removed from anything :)