Sunday, 9 May 2010

8th May 2010 - Dinner - Masala Papad

Well, it was part of the dinner (an appetizer, if you please), but not the whole dinner :D
I want to try newer stuff this time, even if it is something simple. As such, there is nothing much to Masala Papad, but it was something I hadn't done before, so there you go...

Papad tops my list of items that Indians almost never make using a microwave oven, whereas they should. Microwave it for half a minute, turn in over and run it for another half a minute, and you have a perfect papad without all the chik-chik and jhik-jhik that the stove business has. Plus, it doesn't char and is uniformly cooked.

How did it look?


  1. dunno, but whenever i microwave papad at home- not cool....

  2. I tried to do it but it got all brown and burnt

  3. Probably, you need to reduce the time or the microwave power. I have done it many times, so it is definitely not impossible.

  4. For me, the fried papad tastes better than the roasted ones and microwaved ones are last on my list (tried eating them at a friend's place long back). Have you added some-kind of sauce or chutney??