Saturday, 8 May 2010

5th May 2010 - Dinner - Cabbage and Potatoes

It was routine stuff, so it is here pretty much just for the heck of it. Difference being, this time's Aloo-Patta gobhi was much more to my satisfaction than any I have previously made.

How did it look?
A posteriori
I always missed Dhaniya in Europe, and I love it here now, since it really makes stuff much better, and is amazing for garnishing.

Apart from that, this was pretty routine stuff, so not much to write.


  1. Did you look at my Aloo-ki-sabzi?
    Pretty good it was!

  2. I did, and it did look nice.
    First attempt?

  3. You seem to be a fan of cabbage. It amuses me as in my one year of "cooking by myself",I never bought that vegetable (disliked it since childhood) :P