Monday, 31 May 2010

30th May 2010 - Dinner - Aloo Mutter

This was the first time I was making Aloo Mutter. I mean, it's hardly different from aloo rassa/jhol/whatever, but, well, a new dish's a new dish.

How did it look?
A posteriori
  • No onions in the gravy this time. Just tomatoes and some puree (which I use all the time because it is so much more convenient and makes stuff richer). Tomatoes here are pretty costly, so I normally put half a tomato for the texture, and puree for the actual gravy.
  • I added some dry garlic chutney I have gotten from home. It is pretty useful and can be used directly on sandwiches too!
  • As some improvisation, I added some Paav Bhaaji masaala too at the end. Not too much, half a tea-spoon maybe. But it deed help in imparting good fragrance.
  • The quickest and the most convenient way to make it would be using a pressure cooker, but since the cooker I have is too small for making enough for 4 people, that's ruled out. Cooking potatoes with the gravy takes too long. So, I normally put the whole thing in the µWave after the chhonk and then just cook it for like 6 minutes. Nomw the potatoes are about 3/4th cooked. Back to the pan and I can now add water for the gravy and let it boil once. Bingo.


  1. Simple things are most often the most satisfying.
    PS : Mutter? and not maTar? :)

  2. @ anasuya :simple? mujhe to koi bhi sabzi simple nahi lagti,sabme time lagta hai(except papad ki sabzi) :) tu banati hai kya ?

  3. Well, time lagna aur simplicity dono.n alag cheezei.n hai.n

    If it's easier to screw up, it is tough, even though it might take less time.

  4. To be honest, I found it a bit watery. There are n number of ways to thicken a gravy. In your case, you could have smashed 2-3 dices of boiled potatoes and added it to the tomato puree. But considering the fact that you have prepared it for the first time, you are excused :D :P

  5. I would put it more as jhol/rassa rather than gravy. Sometimes you enjoy that kinda stuff too.