Sunday, 9 May 2010

9th May 2010 - Breakfast - Bread Roll

On weekends, I can devote more time to cooking and get an opportunity to make more elaborate stuff. On the menu today morning was Bread Roll. For those not aware of this dish, it is basically boiled, mashed potatoes (with salt, chilly, the works) filled in bread and fried.
This brings us to the number two item on the list of things that Indians almost never do in a Microwave oven: Boiling potatoes.
Traditionally, a pressure cooker is used for this purpose (or sometimes the good old pateli), but boiled potatoes turn out very well using a µWave. You do not need any extra water (yes!). The water content of the potatoes is good enough. Just cut them into halves, make a few holes using a fork, put them together and wrap them in a plastic oven wrap, and voilà, leaving your cooker free for other pursuits.

How did it look?

A posteriori
  • While serving them, some chopped onions on the top, some ketchup, some Thousand Island Dressing and some coriander.
  • Ramu was very apprehensive of the whole affair, mostly because he had had a bad experience with this dish in his hostel mess. Earnest request to all humankind: Please, please and pretty please, do not judge food items based on how your mess made them! That's so not cool! Just imagine a whole crop of Marathi kids harbouring murderous sentiments against the very concept of Raajma, Gatte ki Sabji and Daal-Baati, just because they have only ever eaten it in their hostel mess! I don't know if I was able to redeem this dish for him, but I do hope he found it better than what he had in the mess.
  • We have this kitchen chimney thing which has given me the courage to actually make fried stuff, because the fumes from the hot oil are very annoying otherwise. Plus, the darned smoke alarms which have probably not been introduced to the concept of taDka/phoDni (whichever language floats your boat)
  • This thing ends up absorbing a lot of oil, I guess it helps to keep the bread rolls wrapped in tissue and squeeze them a bit, so that all the excess oil is absorbed.


  1. my mom makes this at home.....and believe me, it aint nothing like the hostel shit.....

  2. I could have never known that µWave can do all of this and save you the trouble of doing it in cooker. May be you should also tell us the other things that can be done using a µWave and we dont normally do it that way

  3. µWave is also useful for quick cooking. Sometimes, I just do the taDka and then put the thing in the µWave for the rest of the cooking.

    Works well for potatoes, and you don't have to keep on stirring it.

  4. well....another way to reduce the oil absorption is to keep the rolls in the freezer for a couple of hours before frying them....

  5. Isn't this something like bread-pakoda??