Wednesday, 5 May 2010

4th May 2010 - Dinner - Corn, Beans, Peas Mixed Veg

Yay, so we went for grocery shopping yesterday, and boy, is food expensive here! I mean, food in Europe was pretty cheap compared to the monstrosity that prices here are. Anyhow, we did get an assortment of stuff, from beans to frozen peas and potatoes and spring onions, and we also got our dishes and knives and stuff today, so we decided to kick off with a vegetable mix that had beans, corn and peas, and chapaati of course.

Sangram and Ramanath were very enthusiastic with the chapaatis and handled that affair pretty well, right from kneading the dough to turning out the finished product.

How did it look?

A posteriori
  • The best thing was that I got Cilantro (Coriander) here, and that goes miles in making the dish look great and taste nice. This was something I totally missed in Germany.
  • The gravy was the yoghurt gravy that I had tried a few times last year. (Ref: Potatoes in Sunshine Gravy and Paat Vadi), and it turned out fine, but I would have wanted it slightly more spicy.
  • The gravy was pretty thin, I guess I went overboard with the amount of yoghurt, must rectify that the next time.
  • A bit of garlic spread at the end gave a good flavour and great aroma.


  1. SO the much awaited season 2 has started with kik start. Kudos to Sangram and Ramanath for making so good chapatis. Shape does not matter. Use ghee liberally and every chapati will turn out good. Keep it up. Both mother will feel relieved after seeing the blog I hope.

  2. Roti to perfection! :) Kudos :) Me still too tired everyday to cook proper stuff - bread and omelette and milk and cereal for me :)

  3. Good to see you back :) I shall be a frequent visitor.

  4. hey .. nice job man....
    wat is this garlic spread u r talking abt...sounds very tasty :)
    keep up d good work.. I will try cooking them too :)

  5. Wow!! I'm amused. The first time I made chapati years ago,it was the shape of Australia and here I see guys making almost circular chapatis :) Well done!!