Sunday, 10 May 2009

10th May 2009 - Lunch - Namkeen Puri

So we are going to go to Stuttgart tomorrow, and I thought we could pack a couple of Puris along. Vaibhav had gone out for some time, so I took a nap, then woke up again at 11:30 for the Puri adventure

What we call TikhaT-meeThachi puri in Marathi, simply translates to mirch-namak ki puri ~ namkeen puri.

Vaibhav did the bulk of the operations today. He has been managing the Flour-Department uptil now, and this fell directly under him. We mixed salt, chilly, powder etc and kneaded the dough as usual, only denser.

How did it look?
Here's how
  • On tasting it, I realised that salt added earlier was too less and we would probably need to down the thing with achaar. 
  • I was generally conservative in adding chilly etc, so the final puris were more normal ones than, erm, namkeen ones, but that's fine.
  • ACHTUNG: Oil does not like water. We all know that. If there's anything which hates it more, it is hot oil. Never let water touch hot oil, unless you are prepared for disastrous consequences. No, we did not learn this the hard way, but it is something I realised we take. 


  1. Hope u did not have any problem with hot oil? Pooris looking good. So the experience taken at home has worked.

  2. What did you have with the puris ????

  3. They were supposed to be eaten with Achaar, except that I forgot to pack achaar when I left for Stuttgart, so we ate them sans anything

  4. Good and delicious dishes..goood woork

  5. Tikhat-mithachya poori are one of my favorites! You can crush some ajwain between your palms and add them to the flour. It tastes very good. :)