Thursday, 7 May 2009

7th May 2009 - Lunch - Sandwiches

When I made yestersay's potatoes for dinner, I boiled 2-3 extra and kept them aside for preparing today's lunch. In the morning, I used them and quickly got 5 sandwiches ready in like 15 minutes.

Took the potatoes, mashed them with my fist (!) and added salt, red chilly etc. Took bread loaves and sandwiched the mashed potatoes between them and then slightly roasted the stuff on a pan, with some ghee. Pretty standard stuff, really.

What did it look like?
Isometric view

Head on


  1. I hate it when people stuff aloos into bread loaves :&

  2. @leonardoness
    I guess there is a difference between stuffing stuff between loaves and into them :D

  3. When do you get to continental food? :p

  4. Erm, soon.

    I am doing Pasta sometime next week, and I want to experiment with Olive oil too, unless that turns out to be too costly.