Wednesday, 6 May 2009

6th May 2009 - Dinner - Curried potatoes with gravy

Happy with the success of the previous two days, we thought it was time for more advanced stuff. Potatoes with gravy was what was decided, and after checking up the recipe from home, off we were!

Aloo-rassa (rassa=tari=jhol=whatever) is a common dish in North India, though lots of variations exist. What I made is what we call Station waali sabji, for reasons guessable.

With the fresh flavour that green chillies provide, this dish is pretty easy to make, but can turn out quite well.

And of course, chapati, which has become common fare now.

How did it look?

Isometric view

Top view

  • Of course, the final sprinkling of Oregano and pepper added to the taste, and the green chillies helped too. 
  • I am thinking of putting fresh lemon juice instead of citric acid powder that I added at the end for improving the taste. 
  • Was told that mashing a few potatoes first and adding to the initial mixture would thicken the gravy, but I forgot to do that. Although it still turned out fine, I will try that next time. 
All in all, today's was very satisfying. It tasted good and looked good too.


  1. Keep on trying and innovating. Thats the funda for becoming good cook. Dont be afraid of failures.

  2. Pehle mash kare bina those aloos taste very...umm...rookha sookha. But great going :) I'm sure most people would have started ordering food or signed up for a tiffin kinda thingy by now :P

  3. Looks awesome..Why don't you try paranthas/puris for a change?

  4. @All

    Well, if mashed totally, it becomes like a paste. So, I boiled them and then cut them into big pieces.
    Also, if you let it stand for some time the gravy sorta percolates

    Puri is on the cards. Except, it is slightly more taxing than rotis, so I will make just Puri and eat with some Achar/Ketchup. Or better still, I will make Puris and fix some Rice&Daal