Thursday, 7 May 2009

7th May 2009 - Dinner - Cabbage and Potatoes

So, today's plan was to make cabbage (patta-gobhi) with potatoes. I like the sort of fried version we sometimes make at home, which tastes spicy and uses oil liberally. 

Recipe's simple, like all previous ones. Chop loads of cabbage and a potato and cook the mixture up. 

Thanks to this useful thing sent by Vaibhav's mother, kneading dough has become very easy. You just need to put the flour in, add a bit of water and rotate the mixer until the desired consistency is achieved. Quite a cakewalk, really. Without it, it gets slightly messy, if not difficult.

How did it look?
Top View

Isometric View
  • The cabbages you get here are HUGE. Ek khareed lo to poora khaandaan khaa le. The one I purchased today weighed 2.9 kgs. And cutting it was hell! So, I ended up using about 2/9 th of the cabbage today, and thought I had added a lot. Except, when I cooked it, the whole thing shrivelled to like half its size, and my plans of using the dish for tomorrow's breakfast were shattered.
  • This one takes a long time to cook, so what I do in such cases is, I do the initial steps in a normal pan, and when all the spices are mixed up, I put it in a Microwave and keep it for about 4 minutes, by which time everything nicely softens up.
  • I purchased a bottle of chilly sauce today. Pretty cheap at €0,49. It is great if you want to add that zing to your food. Often, if you get your chilly or salt or other spices wrong when preparing the dish, adding some sauce can make the whole thing taste quite nice.
  • Cheese! Also purchased a pouch of shredded cheese, ready to be used on stuff. Cheese is of course fabulous, and if used as garnishing, makes the dish look quite nice!
Next on the list: Noodles!


  1. Patta gobhi dikh hi nahi rahi. Improvement is possible in this dish. Better luck next time.

  2. Yeah when I chopped it, I thought I had chopped more than what was needed, but it shrunk on cooking. Guess I have to use much more next time.

  3. I see more potatoes than cabbage :D
    And how the hell do you manage to cut 2/9 of it? I imagine you started halving it... to get 9 portions you'd have to cut it into thirds thrice! Precision Antrix :P

  4. Your first point has already been answered. As for the second, well, I started halving, but the first cut didn't exactly halve it. Next I halved this smaller portion, so it was slightly less than 1/4. Now, even that was big enough, so I took some off.

    What's less than 1/4? 1/5! But, that's too less, so let's go for a compromise, 1/4.5 = 1/(9/2) = 2/9

  5. But your rotis are deteriorating :( Overconfidence, huh? :P

  6. Good observation

    Two reasons
    1. Yesterday, we couldn't pay a lot of attention to the Rotis. I was busy doing dishes, and Vaibhav was also handling something else. So, the Rotis suffered!
    2. One of the burners was not workign properly I guess, which ruined a couple of Rotis. Made them too hard or burnt them.