Monday, 4 May 2009

4th May 2009 - Dinner - Aloo Kaap and Rotis

So, we decided to start cooking today. Went to the Supermarkt (Supermarket) and purchased basic stuff, you know, milk (Milsch), eggs (Eier), potatoes (Kartoffel) and the like.


Decided to make what we call Aloo Kaap at home. Simple name, actually, combining the word for potatoes and the Marathi verb for kaaTna (to cut), because that's exactly what this dish is all about.

Then, when I realized I still had enthusiasm (apart from hunger), decided to make Rotis/Chapatis too!

How did it look?
VoilĂ .

The finished products. Rotis have been relegated to the background, but justice will be the done in the next pic.

Top View, almost

Digging In

Not too bad for a first time Roti, eh?

What went wrong?
  • Here, you can't make Phulkas easily because you can't place the Roti directly on the fire, there being no fire. So, I had to pat the roti with a napkin while it was on the pan. The burner was at the highest setting, and this led to the first roti getting a bit burnt.
  • Erring on the side of caution the second time, I lowered the temperature, but kept it on the pan for a long time. Result: Unburnt roti, but very hard, like a Khakhra
  • The third time, I had quite perfected the technique, except I was a bit too cautious again, and this one remained slightly uncooked.
  • After that, I had a fairly decent idea of the timing required and the final 5 turned out pretty well!
So, after dunking the rotis in a lot of Ghee, off we were to the table, relishing the first meal we cooked in Germany!


  1. Vow. Cool. First of all, congrats for brilliant idea of starting a blog on this subject which will be a premium source of self motivation for cooking. Great preparation considering first experience using hot plate. I am remembering my days in Germany specially in kitchen. Have a good time and enjoy cooking. Vinod

  2. Thats too good. I am happy that you started cooking. Keep it up. I want to see more and more entries in this blog. And dont worry about first three chapaatis. Its a learning experience. next time you will do well form first one.

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  4. Put thoda sa ghee on the "peda" before putting it on the tawa-substitute :P. Nice job btw. Also, what does gekocht mean?(Too lazy to google it out)

  5. Awesome job, esp the rotis ... Oh well, I cheat, I mark out a circle with a sharp plate after rolling it thin :D

  6. Congrates for this typeof blog. Oh you are doing very good job. Jaldi hi aacha banana sikh jaoge. :D . all the very Best
    By the way your food looks very good, i m feeling hungry now. Njoy

  7. @All

    Thanks for the motivation.

    Hmm, I guess that will make it a bit like Paratha.


  8. Hey,

    awesome job man, can you list the things you took so that we all can too grab them before leaving,