Wednesday, 27 May 2009

26th May 2009 - Dinner - Parathe and Egg Bhurji

If you checked this blog in the past week, you might have noticed the absence of any post for the past 7-8 days. Not that I am tired of cooking, just that I was in Italy for 5 days and something or the other cropped up before that which left us with little time to cook. So, anyhow, after surviving on Bread for 3 days, I was completely fed up, and decided to get back to the kitchen.

The dish wasn't new, I made Egg Bhurji once more, but this time I thought I should give a try to Parathe (Mukund was the one who suggested it for the first time, I guess). The method ain't very different from the Roti method, except you use oil liberally.

How did it look?

  • The bhurji tasted fine, I added some pepper at the end. I realised that making it in a deep, large container yields much better results (finer texture) than making it in a shallow one, the latter giving the typical shredded-omlette look.
  • Parathe were sort of average. They didn't burn or get too hard, but somehow they didn't taste as fine as I wanted. The best Parathe I have ever had are made by my Nani (who has a magic hand when it comes to cooking).
  • I added a bit of milk to the dough when kneading it. I had read somewhere that it helps make the Parathe softer (or keeps them soft, I don't remember), but I didn't see any appreciable change. Probably, I added very little milk.

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