Saturday, 9 May 2009

9th May 2009 - Lunch - Moong Dal Tadka!

After a slightly depressing end to yesterday's cooking, I was back this afternoon with renewed enthusiasm, sure to not let Murphy thwart me. As it's a holiday, there was scope for making a fuller meal, so we skipped the sabji part and made rice and moong dal tadka, apart from roti. 

Moong Daal Tadka. Quite straightforward. In a pressure cooker, fry onions and garlics along with some Jeera (I am not bothering with English names for everything. Sounds very pompous and typical artificial high-society). 

Moong daal - often hailed as the quintessential meal for the sick guy, is highly under-rated. I mean, agreed that plain boiled daal can only appease someone whose taste-buds are underperforming, but if you fry it nicely, it promises to be very tasty.

How did it look?

  • God is merciful. Whatever he took from us in the form of yesterday's dinner was returned doubled. The thing tasted quite good and we had a rather filling meal. 
  • Of course, I sprinkled that tiny bit of oregano for the smell and the looks. Apart from that, I had the awesome Nimbu ka achaar I had brought from home, which very nicely complemented the daal. 
All in all, happy meal!

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