Tuesday, 5 May 2009

5th May 2009 - Dinner - Of tomatoes and onions!

Today's visit to the Supermarkt was for purchasing Tomatoes (Tomaten) and Onions (Zwiebeln) among other things.

Another one of my favourites from home, a very simple preparation that I like a lot. Tamatar Pyaaj ki sabji. Very simple to prepare, but can be very satisfying. And of course, Roti, which we have now more or less gotten the hang of.

Vaibhav is already the resident Roti expert, and seems to have a natural talent for making that stuff nice and circular. Either that, or he has been furiously practising the past few weeks days :D

Also, to compensate for the lack of an open flame, I pat the roti with a small pad made by folding a few napkins. That ensures the uniform cooking.

How did it look?

The dish was simple, except there were lots of interesting lessons to be learnt.

All chopped and ready!

The whole Roti business is pretty much sorted out now. Neat and tidy!

The end result

  • The onions and tomatoes you get in Germany are a bit different from what you get in India. So, when you try to cut onions, they don't behave they do back home. This led to slightly bigger pieces which might not get cooked well enough.
  • The tomatoes here are quite rigid, not the lame, limp stuff we get back home. So, cutting can be finer.
  • OREGANO! This is one magic herb. We didn't have Dhaniya (Coriander) anyhow, and I wanted some seasoning, so I mixed liberal amounts of Oregano with the sabji. Man, what aroma! Also, it smells and tastes very fresh.


  1. Try adding a bit of garlic butter if you can get it somewhere...

  2. Daya..if u want onions and tomatoes and oregano ...just order a pizza...

  3. Pizza in comparison to tomato-onion curry. What a replacement?

  4. Ah no, pizza ~ tomato-onion not the same thing. But I agree, Oregano makes anything yummmm!

  5. you look like one cool cook to me...have to visit karlsruhe.