Saturday, 18 July 2009

18th July 2009 - Breakfast - Omlette

I had made an omlette last week too, but didn't put it up. Today when I made it, it turned out exceptionally well, and I had to upload it!

How did it look?

  • Making the egg blend is not tough at all, but getting a round and uniform omlette needs practice. I was thwarted often by the most crucial step, flipping it on the pan.
  • To ensure that it didn't stick, first layered the pan with lots of butter.
  • After spreading the mix uniformly, the best way to check if it is sticking is to shake the pan and the omlette should slide freely, which it did!
  • And of course, while flipping, it was necessary to ensure it didn't break.
  • A bit of milk in the blend does wonders; makes it all nice and fluffy.


  1. hmmm :) looks yum! :)
    absolutely round and perfect - remember the Hitachi advertisement in which the husband takes a tin and cuts out round rotis ? :) you totally qualify :D

    btw, delta green for the chilli? :)

  2. TanQ!

    I am out of green chillies, or would definitely have added some. Actually, there's so much you can do with omlettes! Mushrooms, cheese, parsley!