Sunday, 12 July 2009

8th July 2009 - Dinner - Cabbage Kofta

I reckoned the best way to make the purple cabbage look good was to hide it with loads of gravy.
So I made this Cabbage Kofta, fried balls made of shredded cabbage and besan.

How did it look?
It still had the black remnants of the cabbage, but it tasted fine!

  • The problem was, the besan didn't get cooked quite well, so there was this taste and smell of raw besan, so I dunked the kofta in the gravy and boiled it along. Normally, that will make the whole thing soggy, which is did, but it was better than eating raw besan.
  • Cabbage has a fundamental problem: it smells vile when partially cooked. Whatever you do, you just can't escape from the nauseating smell of half-cooked cabbage, which makes it a risky thing to attempt to make unless you are very sure of it.

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