Saturday, 18 July 2009

18th July 2009 - Lunch - Chhole Tikki

I had decided that the last week of my stay here would see as much variety as I could manage. So, today, I thought of making Chhole Tikki. I had purchased 1 kg. chick peas, so I had some left which I used today. The result was pretty satisfying!

How did it look?
OK, so let's go step by step!

2 down, 3 to go

Vaibhav wanted to be photographed doing the frying :)

All done

Jeera Rice on the side

All set
  • This was really fun. The tikki had great consistency and there was no trouble with the shallow frying.
  • Potatoes are best boiled in the µWave. I mean, it saves time, energy and nutrients. In about 4-5 minutes, you can boil 4 potatoes without using any extra water! That's the beauty of it all. Potatoes contain enough water for self-boiling.
  • I had some jeera rice along with this, so I made sufficient gravy for the Chhole and then poured it and some chhole on the rice, while using the rest for the Tikki.
  • The whole thing works best with chopped onion, ketchup, imli ki chutney and some coriander on the top. After that, you can always add stuff like aloo bhujiya for additional taste. I used chopped onions, chilli sauce and a special type of salad dressing which tasted quite well.


  1. you know the first pic could qualify as an upside down smiley? brownish yellow eyes and whitish yellow smile :D though they'd be rocks for teeth :P

  2. Good job. Really very good. Vaibhav, well done. This is the proof of your cooking.

  3. oh one thing i really have to say... your china is too fancy for an intern? carried it from home (long shot) or bought it there?

  4. Bought China in Europe!!! Longer shot. The place I am staying at has a 'furnished' kitchen and all this stuff was already there.

  5. aap god hai :D...i admire you....recently i had panipuris very nice ones... though ready to eat ...not even much costly 5.7 francs 30 puris

  6. @Moonlight

    Yah of course, Fluorosis-ridden smile, yah!


    Thanks a lot for all the encouragement!

    This blog has gotten more readership than I had ever imagined.