Thursday, 23 July 2009

22nd July 2009 - Dinner - Gaajar ka Halwa

I have a lot of sugar and ghee left, so what better way to use it than something sweet! So, Gaajar ka Halwa it was!

How did it look?

  • What I made was pretty bare-bones. For better results, condensed milk must be used, and stuff like ilaaychi etc add to the flavour
  • I did make sure not to commit last time's mistake of adding too much milk, which had made the halwa soggy
  • The carrots you get here are orange in colour, not like the red ones common in India. So, obviously the halwa also turned out much less red than what we are used to seeing. Although that doesn't change the taste, it still makes the Halwa look, erm, unrealistic. Well, can't help it!

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