Tuesday, 21 July 2009

20th July 2009 - Dinner - Veg Frankie

It was an attempt at making Veg Frankie, the sort they serve at canteens, with a few changes.
Credits to Rohit Shroff for the suggestion. I checked out the recipe at Tarla Dalal's website, but she would have had me fry both the Roti and the potato balls, which was just too much, so I by-passed the recipe a bit.

How did it look?
A bit messy
  • I would only call the result average. The wrap wasn't thin enough, nor big enough (though that is due to the small pan), and would open up again and again.
  • For filling, I used boiled, mashed potatotes with cheese, and chopped onions and tomatoes mixed with the oh so awesome Jaljira. Some chilly sauce on top and some Bhujia sprinkled for the flavour.

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