Sunday, 5 July 2009

5th July 2009 - Lunch - Mashed potatoes with spices

I actually wanted to make Aloo Vade, but I had little oil left, so I decided to be creative with boiled potatoes. Mashing them and adding in some spices and stir fried onion, I got a pretty neat dish!

How did it look?

  • This was an experimental thing, no recipes, but it turned out quite well.
  • I stir fried chooped onions in garlic butter and added in oregano, salt and some chilly powder.
  • Dunking this into the mashed potatoes and mixing well made the potatoes nice and slightly crunchy (onions rock), so I topped it with some fresh lemon juice, oregano, pepper and some more of that wonderful garlic butter. And yeah, chopped onions too

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